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We've got some bad news! All current memberships will lapse on September 30, 2015. But don't worry, the good news is that current members can register NOW for the 2015-2016 Membership Year! Why wait?! Claim your spot today! 


Need more convincing? Here are some great reasons to re-register NOW:

  • Re-registering now will eliminate the chaos of fall paperwork with back to school season in full swing! We all know how hectic that can be!
  • Insurance coverage will not lapse. If a Girl Scout is not registered for the 2015-2016 Membership Year and attends a meeting on October 1, 2015 where something happens, this means that the troop leader could be liable for any injuries or accidents that might have happened. No one wants that! 
  • There's no good reason to stop the fun! Spring and summer are full of bridging ceremonies, big trips, and camping. Why not continue with the fun in the fall?
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Today we would like to introduce you to Christina Lanski, Miss Gold Coast's Outstanding Teen. Read her story of why she decided to join Girl Scouts again, as Girl Scout Ambassador. Have you re-registered for another year of fun yet? Join Christina and all of us for another year of fun! 


Christina Lanaski 2


Hello! My name is Christina Lanaski and I am a part of the Miss America Organization as Miss Gold Coast's Outstanding Teen (MGCOT). As MGCOT it is my job to dedicate my year of service to help promote and educate the community about my platform. So, what is a platform? In the simplest terms, it's a problem in society today that all girls in the MA/MAOT organization are passionate to raise awareness for and help those affected by it. Mine is "Healthy Living Confidently: Strut Your Stuff!. It has become an epidemic that 7/10 young woman worry about their image to a point of serious concern.

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Summer is a great time for going out with the family to watch some sports! GSNI has great opportunities to do just that AND support Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois at the same time. Click on the name of the day to see the flier for each event.

Girls Scouts gives girls opportunities they can't find anywhere else. Today, Emily Bettler, Associate Board Director for GSNI and Girl Scout Ambassador, writes about her exprience at the UN Commission on the Status of Women.

About 4 months ago, my mother forwarded me an email about an opportunity to go to the United Nations and participate in a conference that I knew nothing about called The Commission on the Status of Women (CSW 59). Intrigued, I clicked on the email and scrolled through reading a little bit about what this trip would entail and instantly knew I wanted to go. After some discussion with my parents, we all easily came to agreement that I should apply, because it just sounded like such an interesting, unique opportunity. Without further ado, I wrote my application and (obviously) got accepted to go. It was thrilling to be accepted to be a part of something larger than myself at place that seemed so grand and prestigious.

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At GSNI, we know that there can be a lot of of information to digest and a lot of places to find that information. In an effort to make it easier for parents to know the information that is most important to their Girl Scout and her experience, GSNI is proud to annouce Trefoil Talks. 



What are Trefoil Talks?

Trefoil Talks are webinars that will present information targeted to each Girl Scout level. During each Trefoil Talk, our Senior Vice President of Girl Experience, Stacie Simpson, will walk you through a part of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience for that Girl Scout level and then talk about some of the events we have coming up. Stacie also wants to hear from you and will be there to answer your questions.

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