What Path Will You Take?

Are you interested in learning a sport, sampling the arts, preparing for a career, or rafting down a river? Do you dream of publishing stories online, traveling to exotic locales, or speaking on behalf of girls in Washington, D.C? In Girl Scouting, you can do it all! Girls in grades K-12 can join as girl members in a variety of pathways. It's never too late to join in the fun.


A girl can be a Girl Scout in many different ways:


Troop Pathway—offers the same group of girls the opportunity to participate in the Girl Scout Leadership Experience over a period of time.


Events Pathway—gives girls the ability to participate in activities about topics of interest to them. The primary difference between the events pathway and all other pathways is that different girls participate in each event. Examples include: Reach the top of a climbing wall; go horseback riding; paint a self-portrait or make a clay pot; build a robot of engineer simple machines; explore a wetland or visit a farm.


Camp Pathway—features day, weekend, and resident camp experiences that introduce and explore the out-of-doors. A defining characteristic of this pathway is that it is an outdoor, condensed experience. Examples include: Get creative with arts; practice outdoor skills; splash around with swimming and boating; work together with team challenges; play games and sing songs.


Series Pathway—is a short-term duration that fits into the busy lives of middle- and high-school girls. Although a series is similar to a troop experience, it is based on a shorter timeframe. Examples include: Discover how to grow friendships, prevent bullying, and stay connected; explore different types of media and the stories they hold, and tell your own story in a creative way; take a deeper dive into a specific topic like Financial Literacy.


Travel Pathway—offers girls leadership opportunities and cross-cultural understanding through local, regional, national, and international travel. Girls prepare, plan, money-earn, and participate as a group.